August 2, 2014

-Meet the Twisted Sisters-

A little about myself-
I live in a small village in Illinois, where people drive around golf carts and quads. Married with five heathens. I started reading about the same time every other woman in America did- (You know Christian Grey) And I've been addicted ever since. My first dark read was by Aleatha Romig, Consequences. I woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and immediately purchased the second book. I crave the DARKNESS, the Shit no one will admit they read. I want it. I love twisted plots, mind-fuckery, and taboo subjects. There hasn't been a thing I felt uncomfortable reading. Bring it on! I write reviews based on how I felt, my reviews aren't long and I never replay the entire book. Meaning I don't spoil the story.

After reading book upon book about young obscenely sexy, multimillionaire men hunting virginal college girls, it came down to A. SMASHING my kindle with a meat cleaver, B. Sticking forks in my eyes, C. Grinding my "one-clicking" fingers in a wood chipper or D. Search for a different genre. And it happened....captive books! I freaking LOVED the thought of being held against one's will and then seeing the bitch turn all Stockholm! Even that ran it's course. Repetitive themes falling way short of the originals.Then I went all BIKER CRAZED! HOLY BALLS...TRUE ALPHAS, with short uncontrollable tempers. I went on a hunt. If there was a warning, I was adding it to my TBR. SADLY most warnings were so unjustified I probably could have read the stinking books out loud to my children. What a huge disappointment.Then...IT HAPPENED! "DARK, RAPE, GRAPHIC VIOLENCE, MAY TRIGGER ANXIETY".... That's what I needed to see! Hook line and sinker it was like experiencing the BEST orgasm EVER! Dark, twisted, brutal, mind-blowing, take your breath away-books. I needed the next one like a fat kid needs cake! THANK THE LORD I found three other sisters with the same passion and sick mind as me.It's a pretty bad addiction but I LOVE it!

Never in a million years did I think I'd love to read like I do now. I read the TWILIGHT series & never got into anything after that. Then I met Christian Grey. I slowly read more & more, before I knew it I was in several reading groups on Facebook & talking to people every day about books. My first dark read was CONSEQUENCES by Aleatha Romig. I was hooked after that but I needed darker. Don't get me wrong, I loved 50 SHADES & similar books but wanted the books nobody wanted to talk about because they were so dark they didn't want others finding out about their kink. I felt like a hunter, looking for the next dark read. Thankfully I found three amazing ladies who have the same craving I do! I have yet to come across a book too dark for me. I doubt I ever will!

I am married with two teenage boys that will one day put me in the nut house.I love my books. No I really do.The first dark book/series I read was The Captive series by CJ Roberts. I loved them and I wanted more. I craved more. I love the forbidden books, the abusive stories and the frowned upon darkness that a good author can write about. If it makes me cry you have done well. If you make me stop reading to seek comfort you have done well. If a bunch of crap is thrown in thinking it’s what we want with no story? You have failed. I would love to one day be able to write my own book but until then I will live vicariously through you, the author. I would be honored to review your books as well in return for my honest and fair opinion. Also if you want us to do giveaways, contests etc. message us.


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