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We are happy to tell you, we've added more reviewers to our team. Specially designed for dark and twisted tales.


  • Dark Romance
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Mystery/Thriller
  • Horror
  • Taboo


Reviewers will post to their personal Amazon & Goodreads accounts. We like to keep it positive, with contructive criticism. We do NOT post (1) or (2) star reviews on the blog, unless asked by the author. If the reviewer is unable to finish the book, or can't connect, we will contact you. It's best for the reveiwer to stop the book, then to have a negative reaction/review. However, our reviewers have the right to rate/review the book any way they choose on their personal Goodreads/Amazon accounts. Please do not send ARCS directly to our email without an agreement to review. 

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Blog Tours/Release Day Blitz/Cover Reveals are all accepted. 
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  1. Hi I'd love you to review my book Fall, Leaves, Fall. I think its a story your reviewers will enjoy, its a dark supernatural horror thriller about a man returning to his hometown and facing up to the consequences of the decisions he made twenty years earlier.

    If you or any of your reviewers are interested please email me at