July 26, 2014

-Decimation of Mae by D.H. Sidebottom-



DA's Review-


When is the last time a book consumed you so completely that you actually forgot to eat? Tempted you to call in sick from work? Caused knots so tight in your throat you found it hard to breathe? Printed a WARNING and actually lived up to it? The Decimation of Mae will shred you! I LOVED THIS BOOK! Be prepared to attack this in one sitting and ready to nurse a major book hangover. This is a new standard I will now use to measure all other books that claim to be dark. IT COMPLETELY CONSUMED ME, DEVOURED ME, AND SPIT ME OUT. VERY disturbing content with a ridiculously rich and beautiful plot! No major cliffy but a sample of whats to come that has me absolutely ELATED!! Keep pushing the envelope, nothing is too dark for this girl!
***My Twisted Sisters agree!!!!***

J's Review-

5 Soul Wrenching Stars!

I went into this thinking it's another captive. Same story line. Same outcome. Blah Blah Blah
I was so captivated by this unique story I wanted to scream it from the tree tops.
From the first pages until the very end I was in awe.
Mae's story will stay with me for a very VERY long time.
The warnings I read and accepted.
There was NOT a warning to say how it will leave you shocked, awed and absolutely distressed.
Mae and Daniels story has me in such awe that I can't even properly write this review.

Just get this book to be taken on an emotional ride like you have never been on.


Di's Review-

10 "Nadu" STARS!


I'll try, but nothing I can say will do this book justice. Take the warning serious. I'm not kidding, this is by far one of the darkest books I've ever read. It ripped me apart. I'm fucked. I'm decimated. I've read a lot of captive books lately, nothing has compared to this one, nothing. I cried, I cringed, I gasped, I started shaking.

"The devil visited me three times in my life; albeit, my short life. Not in the physical sense, you must understand, but very much literally."

Mae was dealt a shitty hand. A motherfucking shitty hand. She never lost her fight, her will! This is how you write a strong female. I admired her.

"The bastard wanted my soul then he'd get it, along with my spirit and wrath."

I'm not going in to detail because I will spoil the story. Daniel. Daniel. Daniel. What the fucking HELL did you do to me? How can I hate you then love you. I'll admit I have Stockholm Syndrome, that's the only reasoning I can come up with. You WRECKED me, you ripped me apart, then you put me back together.

"I will possess you so entirely that you will ask permission to fucking breathe."

This is going on my TOP FAVORITES SHELF!

A's Review-

5 MIND blowing stars

***This book comes with a warning for a reason***

Definitely the darkest I've read and I absolutely loved every minute of it. I feel like my heart was ripped from my chest.
Mae is one strong woman who will not go down without a fight. I feel in love with her right away and my feelings only got stronger as the story went on. let's talk about Daniel...I'm sick...I hated him, despised him, wanted him to die and then he changed my mind. WTF! This does not have a strong cliffy but it does leave you wanting more.

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