September 8, 2016

Don't Hate The Blogger.

Di here. 

A few things have happened within the last couple of days. It saddens me to the point that I want to leave the blogging industry, unfriend all authors, and get back to why I love reading. The words, the stories that take me far away, the feelings I get when I've found a gem.

I blog. I blog for me, for like-minded readers. I didn't wake-up one day and say I need to blog all my reviews. I created Twisted Sisters' Book Reviews because of my love for books, the need to express my feelings, and to spread the word. This is a piece of me. I share my love, I gain followers, I make friendships. This is why I love what I do. I'm not paid. But I do meet new people. And I love that. I love interacting with followers, friends, authors all the same. I post books & reviews on the page, I post no matter how I feel about the book. I CHOOSE not to post my review for books that I didn't like. I have that right as a reviewer. I don't like writing a negative review, but I have. Preferably, I rather not write anything.

Here's why my heart shatters right this minute. I can't keep it in. I've never been one to express my feelings, I lash out. I demolish when I'm hurt. You, me, all of us form relationships with authors. As a blogger I have, as a reader always. When does it cross a line? Not every book is a winner in my eyes. I've been accused of "putting someone in the naughty corner and/or neglecting them." An author that I had a deep connection with. Sting. I'm still feeling the burn. I thought writing reviews was an honest business... I refuse to sway my thoughts for friends or authors. What hurts the most is the relationship I thought I had with this person. I will keep my diginty intact and not reveal a single source. That's not my intention, I need to convey my feelings, hopefully to help to others. JUST BE HONEST! Write that review for you. Let your feelings out and continue reading. LOVE the books. Share the books. And forget about all the hype. 

“No two persons ever read the same book.”

I'm not going into detail as much as I liked to. I'm simply expressing myself. A blogger is not going to make you a bestseller. You. You make yourself a bestseller. 

Thanks for listening! 


  1. I love you, Sister. You're a goddamn rockstar and my hero.

  2. The truth. You cannot review without being blunt when needed. Thanks for always being honest.

  3. I am so sorry that happened to you. You have a right to post your honest review. You can't love every book.

  4. As an author I hate that you feel you can't express your honest opinion. Not every book is for every reader, some grab you, others don't. Even our favorite authors write books we don't like for one reason or another, and you should always feel free to review (or finish, or even start reading) any book, or to NOT do any of those things. Please know that most writers will not criticize your choice, whatever it may be!

  5. I absolutely agree. And i'm the same, I choose NOT to leave bad reviews. Only thing I can say is that, when it all becomes like a job you hate to do, or doesn't make you happy like it once did, then just cut blogging loose. You don't need to feel sad, or miserable like this hun. Your an amazing lady,and I have the best time interacting with you on Twisted Sister's. Just be happy ����

  6. I agree. I hope you don't give up on this as i like and follow your blog and reviews. You are right we all read and react differently. It's your opinion at the end of the day.