August 25, 2016

New Release & Review - Snuffed by Bonny Capps

Author: Bonny Capps
Title: Snuffed: Snuff Sequel - Part One 
Release Date: August 26th
Genre: Erotic Horror



WARNING: This book is not just dark - it’s horrific, depraved and disturbing. If you do not enjoy books containing blood, guts, taboo and more – this book is not for you. 

Death would have been simple. I don't have that option anymore. In order to survive him, I must be what he craves. 

*The SNUFF sequel will be published in two parts. This is part one, and part two will be releasing Fall 2016.

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Di's Review
4.5 Stars!
This was like rolling around in fields of deranged, basking in depravity, and drinking up insanity. OMG! A dark, emotional ride from start to finish. 

This is the second book, make sure you read Snuff first. I have to admit, I was scared for Sofia. I was a bit terrified to be honest. Dimitri has her in his clutches, what will he do to enact revenge. A deadly game of obsession; where you must become a monster in order to win. 

"He’s the demon that keeps my nightmare alive while I’m grasping for straws trying to survive him." 

The growth and self preservation in Sofia is fierce. I absolutely love her as a character and all the more with this book. But with each sacrifice, she loses more of her soul. My heart broke. I was grinding my teeth, I was begging for a chance for freedom. By the end, I wanted her to be as lethal as her cage-master. I wanted revenge. As twisted as it is, I wanted her to become what she is fighting against. This isn't Stockholm Syndrome. It's the devil's charm and I felt it all. I was enraged, but there's this spark of need for Dimitri. I can't help it, I love the bad men. Dimitri is fucked beyond belief. I'm waiting for that little shard of empathy, but I'm afraid it's not gonna show, there's no light in his dark soul. I don't think redemption will come. (I can always dream.)

"When you sleep in the lion’s den, you want them to care enough not to bite. You want them to love you, not devour you. And, eventually, that fear becomes something else; an unhealthy admiration born from fear. A love birthed from misunderstanding." 

While Sofia battles a psychopath. Her family tries to find a way to free her. Or are they? This is the Russian Mafia. We can't trust any of them. Secrets, lies, and, dark agendas are coming to the surface and I'm loving every single bit. Can Sofia win without losing her soul? I don't know how many books will be in this series, because this tale is far from over, but I can say with all certainty I'm addicted and cannot wait for more.

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Bonny Capps was born in Rowlett, Texas, but lived most of her life in the Galveston Gulf Coast area. Bonny was home schooled by her mother and this is where she developed her love for writing. Her first attempts at writing were in the form of poetry. Bonny married her longtime boyfriend Dusty Capps in 2014. They have two boys Mitch 11 years old and Damon 8 years old. In 2014 Bonny and the boys decided to leave their home behind and join Dusty on the road in his semi-truck and have traveled throughout the United States. It was during this once in a life time adventure that Bonny found her voice and began to write Dark Erotica. Her first dark erotic book, Deliverance for Amelia is a best seller in the U.S. and U.K. Bonny has received rave reviews and is excited to have released the third and final book in the Killer Series.

Upcoming books are SNUFF and Seven Fears, which will be released in 2016!
She will also be co-writing “Twins” with Tara Dawn, and that will be released this Fall.

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