August 4, 2016

Book Review & Recommendation - 24690 by A.A. Dark

24690 by A.A. Dark



Buried deep below the everyday life of our society lives an underground world of nightmares—of violence and murder no one dares speak about. Contracts and laws weave the web of our culture together. Our Masters walk amongst us. They can be our friends, or the ones to make us disappear forever. 

Where I once had found peace within my existence, it all ended with the death of my cruel, yet caring owner. My world shattered and I was taken back to the one place I had hoped to never see again—the cells of Whitlock—a subterranean fortress for slaves who await their new placement. 

Now I have no rights. I have no say. My feelings and wellbeing are meaningless. Escape is impossible, but I have nothing left to lose.

To stand any chance of survival, I must give my life as collateral to the highest bidder: Soul for Sale.

slave 24690

Warning: This book contains extremely disturbing situations, explicit sexual content, and very graphic language. This book exceeds the dark genre and has been classified as PITCH BLACK. May contain triggers for some. Read at your own risk!!

I put it on my 'must read' for the year. It's an absoute favorite.

A.A. Dark has spun a wicked tale of twisted, epic proportions. Read the warning, my dark friends. 

"Only in the darkest recesses of one’s mind will they ever find true freedom. To push the limits of what they’re capable of—to have their character revealed when there are no restraints to restrict the desires within—that is what defines who they are." 

OMG! So, strap on your seatbelt. I'm not quite sure how to form a complete sentence after reading this book. I'm flipping though the book for a second time trying to regain my composure. I feel like I should just warn you of the depravity then let you sail across the bloody sea yourself. No review needed. LOL!

Whitlock a save haven for the truly evil. Masters can gorge on their sickest fantasies for the right amount of money. Yeah, think about some of those stories you read in the news, think about some of those things that turn your stomach. That's Whitlock's clientele. 24690 is just another slave destined for torture and ultimately death. This had a different feel than most Slave/Master stories, believe me, I've read a ton. This is a new world to immerse myself in. 

"There’s beauty in barbarism. You just have to know how to flow with the ferocity or else you may drown."  
I loved this book from the very start. There's a medieval feel to Whitlock, made me perk up and read with intrigue. I had no idea where I was going, the lights were flipped off and I was fumbling through the maze in complete darkness. More than once I sat staring at my kindle like it grew a head, a head that mocked me. I wasn't prepared for it, completely blindsided. I love a book I can't figure out, this one had secrets and motives around every corner. There's two dark anti-heroes to choose from. I was like, which one is the worst? By the end I was laughing with sweet revenge, yelling at my kindle. I feel like I should warn you for like the tenth time, after the halfway mark it really gets gruesome. The first half is like dancing in a field of flowers, so hang in there if you like pitch black reads, because you will get your fix. The characters are beautifully brutal, there's no moral compass, just the ways things roll at Whitlock. 24690 aka Everleigh grows within the pages, I fell more and more in love with her. This story was twisted phenomenal. 

I loved EVERY single thing about this book. If you like your dark stories more on the horror side with a mix of erotic. I highly recommend.



A.A. Dark aka Alaska Angelini

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