June 14, 2016

Release Blitz & Review - Grit by Rebecca Sherwin

Title: GRIT Sector 1: Elias
Series: GRIT Sector 1 
Author: Rebecca Sherwin
Genre: Dark Romance
 Release Date: June 14, 2016


I thought I was safe.
I thought I was good.
I thought I was just a girl.
I didn't see it coming.
Destiny had brought us together.


Twenty-first century London - daytime
Freedom is non-existent.
Self-expression is confined to sunlight hours.
Happiness is on a schedule.

Safety is a temporary fixture. 

Twenty-first century London - nighttime.
Blood cascades over cobbled stones.
Criminals emerge from the shadows.
The depraved, the deviant, the morally corrupt, own the streets.
Happiness comes in the form of final breaths.

Safety is found in the shrills of death. 

A love story emerges inside the barricades.
A story played out many times before...
But not like this.
It's evolution of tradition.
It's insanity fighting to break the cycle.

It's history's repetition with hope for a better outcome. 

Can love survive in a drowning capital?
What if the good guys aren't the good guys?

What if the heroes have become the villains? 

Trixie Ashford has been living a lie.

Elias Blackwood has been creating it. 

It is their destiny to meet.
It will be their downfall to fall in love...

Di's Review
5  Unique Stars

I ate this book like it was my last supper. I inhaled until the last word was read. 

I went in completely blind, reading the blurb after I had finished. I wouldn't know how to categorize this... I'll give it my best shot. Dark Romance applies, there's some scenes that readers may find offensive. Mystery. Suspense. A futuristic vibe with hints of historical. Secret Society meets The Dark Knight. Completely and utterly addictive. I'm in awe, the plot; interesting, intricate, multi layered, exceptional to the very end. 


Even though I could write a ten page review on why this book is on my favorites list, and you have to read it, and it's amazing, and all that. I can't go into great detail because of spoilers. Just know, this is completely different from other dark romances, I felt like the story was just more, more everything. It's carefully plotted, giving little hints all through. My mind was reeling, I was grinding my teeth in fear of what was to come. The beginning had a "Gotham" feel, modern London is more dangerous than ever, at the night the boogie men out to play, most are smart enough to stay inside, others not so much. The stage was set on violence and death. Now, before I go on, this isn't a dystopian, it's modern day London, just darker. Haha! 

"The Queen and her Parliament had enforced the curfew as a way of trying to protect the public from the evil that ran wild under the cover of night."

There's a few prominent families who rule.. Hundreds of years of traditions and sadistic trainings. Rules, regulations, and heavily guarded secrets within these "Sectors." Elias is the next in line to become "The One."  Years of conditioning have left him void of real emotion. When he meets Trixie, his world is turned upside down and all the rules are thrown out the window. I wish I could tell you more, but I just can't. Can Elias rule the empire or will Trixie be his downfall? She's a spitfire, destined to make her own path. Rules be damned.

“What is it you’ve never had, Elias? Someone who doesn’t want to throw it all at you? Someone who wants you to take it, while she begs you to leave her in one piece when you’re done? Someone who won't just respect your place and stay quiet in the corner until they’re summoned? Someone who will make every action worth it? Someone who will teach you things you never knew about yourself, while you teach them all of the ways you’re a monster?”

The chemistry was instant. There wasn't any telling to be had in this story, you felt it. No timer for this ticking time bomb. Boom! I was blown into pieces. The push and pull between Elias and Trixie had me grinding my teeth. I didn't know if I wanted to keeping reading or wipe the sweat off my face. Intense. Hot. All Consuming.

"I wanted to drive deeper, I wanted to pound harder; I wanted to lose my breath and steal hers; I wanted my soul to leave my body so I could commandeer hers...I wanted it all. She gave me everything and I gave her everything back, but everything wasn't enough."

God, I have 10 more where that came from. I'm sweating again. Before you get bored with my essay. The end is one of my favorite parts. The darkness succeeds in sucking another soul. And I smiled like a sociopath. It's not a cliffhanger, but you are most definitely going to want more. More of everything. 

READ THIS BOOK!!! I felt every emotion possible, I was in London battling my conflicting thoughts, I lived this story.

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“Rebecca delivers another masterpiece painted on a whole new canvas with a world that bleeds secrets, deception, and passion that is sure to leave its mark on the reader.” – Catherine, Rochelle’s Reviews

“There wasn’t any telling to be had in this story, you felt it. No time for this ticking time bomb. Boom! I was blown to pieces.” – Di, Twisted Sisters Book Reviews

“An amazing start to what I hope will be a brilliant series!” – Susan, Ladies Living in Bookland

“I can’t wait for this book to go live so I can force people to love these two like I loved them!!” – K Webster, author of This is War, Baby



“What is it? What does GRIT mean?” 

“Besides the stuff you get in your eye when the wind blows?” Nothing. She refused to fall into comfort beside me. “It doesn’t mean anything. That is kind of the point. I say GRIT, you say ‘what’s that?’ and you wouldn’t be the only one.” 

It was ridiculous. I’d asked countless times as a child why we couldn’t give it some meaning if it was something so important it needed to be protected with our lives, but I’d only ever had the acronym separated. Which I would do for Trixie…when we got to our destination. 

“Why does it smell wet?” she asked. 

“Because it’s wet down here. You’re underground.” 

“We’re safe, aren’t we?” 

I took a deep breath and pronounced every word with more sincerity than I’d ever displayed. “As long as you’re with me, nothing can hurt you.” 

I wanted her to say something. ‘Thank you’ would have sufficed although I didn’t want her to appreciate my need to keep her alive. I wanted her to accept it, but she said nothing, keeping her lips pressed firmly together as another shiver rippled through her. 

“We’re here.” 

I stopped her with a gentle tug and her thin shoes slid on the cobbles. Reaching over her I held her close, like I had done when we exited the loft, and she slotted into my side like she was meant to be there. 


“Here.” I shrugged, intending to show her rather than tell her. “It isn’t nice. None of the things I’m going to teach you will be pretty. Some will hurt, some will confuse, some will question everything you know, and others will test you. They’ll ask you to look deep inside yourself and revaluate everything you hold on your moral compass.” I stroked my thumb over the top of her arm, hoping to warm her up before I threw her into the dark world that was permanently sheeted in ice. “I need you to agree to do this with me. I don’t want you to be here, because I want to protect you. But you need to know the truth and you need to be able to make your own choices…I need you to choose to do this with me.”

“I choose to do it. Just show me, Elias...”

Author Bio

Rebecca is a London born and bred mother, writer and psychology student. She is the mother of a superhero (who is currently growing his hair like Thor!) and spends her days with her nose stuck in a textbook, her fingers tapping away at the keys…or she’s building forts and eating gummy bears.

She is the author of dark psychological romance. An avid reader and lover of stories that keep you guessing, Rebecca writes tales that will challenge your perceptions and toy with your emotions. Her stories invite you to open your mind and dig deeper into the meanings of the lives of each and every character you meet. She entices you into their world – to feel with them, grow with them, to love with them.

She asks you to become a part of them and allow them to become a part of you.

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