February 22, 2016

Blog Tour - The Rebirth of Sin by Courtney Lane

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The Rebirth of Sin
The Wicked Trinity Series, Book #2
By Courtney Lane
Dark Erotic Thriller
Cover Artist: Courtney Lane
Blog Tour February 22 - 28

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Keaton Mara once lived through a hell created by the most detestable malefactor she has ever known. Ready to put the worst behind her, she returns to the life she once abandoned with Noah, the man who arguably broke her and saved her simultaneously, at her side.
Noah Oliver is on what he believes to be an ordained mission. Purging the evil from the world is a crucial element of his personal vendetta. The seduction of the tormented souls, enticing them to give in to their temptations, accompanies his central mission.
Without Noah’s sanctuary to keep his more depraved desires satisfied, and with Keaton attempting to adopt a normal life, Noah faces an inescapable conflict.
Can Noah keep the devil off his back, or will the individuals he has the grandest plans for witness his wrath when they fall from grace?
Content contains descriptive violence, coarse language, graphic sex, minor horror elements, and scenes that most readers would find objectionable. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

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My body was riddled with agony; the slightest touch brought about an excruciating sensation. The pangs superseded any ability to have an orgasm. Whether he tasted me, or cradled me in his arms, and plunged into me—carefully, slowly, adoringly—there was no pleasure to be had.
Hovering over me, he watched me as a creeping look of satisfaction displayed itself across his face. He grabbed my chin, forcing me to look up at him as the tears steadily streamed down my cheeks. “I’ve never loved someone as much as I love you, and it’s why I hurt you so much.” He clasped his hand to my neck with hardly any pressure and pressed his lips to mine. “Circumstances have changed. My needs have changed. I need you to love me as much as I love you. No one ever has. I need you to love me, and I need you to become my wife.”
I was thrust immediately from one emotion to the next. I couldn’t dissect what I felt; I didn’t want to.
Stark naked, he pulled out of me and lifted off the bed, disappearing for a while. When he returned, he held two white pills in his hand and a glass of water in the other. Lifting my head through my winces, he placed the pills one by one into my open mouth and tipped the glass of water to my lips. He stared at me as I glared at him. His lips moved as though he had something to say but couldn’t find the right words to verbalize it.
On the brink of his phone ringing, he released me and reached across the bed to grab his phone. He became visibly agitated over whatever he saw.
Preparing to leave, he left me with his last words of the night before he disappeared, “There are only so many times you can pretend to be something you’re not before the real you cracks through. You need this, princess, as much as I need it. You breathe for me like I breathe for you. Stop holding your breath, thinking you will survive without me.” He delayed and dropped his chin. His eyes were shielded by his dark, thick eyelashes. His words were barely heard, “The devil’s whispers are quieter when I’m with you.”
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Darcy's Review
3.5 Stars

A lot of hype being spread about Courtney Lane’s sequel to The Sect titled The Rebirth of Sin. I’m one of the many who anxiously anticipated the 2nd book in the Wicked Trinity Series to be released. I have to say I’m one, if not THE only, in my circle of reading friends who is scratching her head wondering if we did in fact read the same book. While Rebirth struck gold with its moments of intense content that nourished my sadistic side, the story somehow fell flat, became long and hardly evolved. There were times, dare I say it, that I even thought it to be too mushy. Now on the other hand, after finishing The Sect (the first book), I was definitely entertained, appreciated the originality of the story and was curious as to where it was going to go. Like most books within a series should, The Sect left off with questions unanswered, unexplained and the cliffy was just enough to keep me interested. I did have the feeling that I knew where it’s plot was headed and although a little predictable, I was curious enough to see it through. There was so much Keaton had endured, how in the world could her relationship with Noah possibly overcome their past? Would she change his ways? Would they fall madly in love and make babies while riding off to the sunset…. (God, I hope not. Rainbows and sunshine can suck it!)

This is where I give Courtney Lane much respect. She took what I thought was gearing towards another HEA more romantic cop-out approach and flipped the sucker in a completely different direction. THAT, I LOVE! I was completely blindsided. Noah, Noah, NOAH! He just may be the most complex, twisted, confusing character I’ve ever read. Not that I really had much of a connection to Noah in the first place, but The Sect had me believing there was a beating heart in his chest. Do I like the guy, or don’t I? I think I’m suppose to be loving the anti-hero... but now, I JUST DON’T KNOW. Who is this guy and what in the hell is his issue? What is motivation? Why is he the way he is? Is there a thread of good intentions in him? What in the heck was Rebirth actually for? Why did they really pick Keaton, What is HAPPENING? I’m just so confused at this point and feel that yes the plot is thickening but I don’t understand a lot of it. At some point the ends have got to be tied together, right? The Rebirth of Sin ends on high note once again spinning my head like a possessed freak. WHAT JUST HAPPENED? And just like that, DAMN IT! I’m hooked once again. I must understand this madness. Bring on book 3.

I honestly don’t even know if I just gave The Rebirth of Sin a good review or not. My apologies, I guess I’m either completely mind-fucked, tired, or just plain dumb. I think I’m just in need of closure.

Di's Review
5 Stars

This book pinched my nipple and made me cry.
"Love is about how you are made to feel and not what your eyes reveal.” 

This is the second book in The Wicked Trinity Series. Not a stand-alone.

WARNING: This is a dark book. If you like long walks on the board walk with psychopaths, well then enjoy. I'd like to classify this as psychological thriller meets twisted romance. Twisted fuckery.

SO, OMFG!!!! Did you read The Sect? Not everything is what it seemed, right? Well, this one is gonna BLOW YOUR MIND!! Hold on, I need a cigarette before I go on. 

Right, ok. I need a shot of vodka too. Hold on. I started this book thinking it was going to be a certain way, ya know. Like, the bad guy gets the girl, they live happily ever after in their twistedness. BUT, it turned out to be more complicated than I can explain. I mean, I'm like, you love her, don't you? I like mean guys, I do. but I started hearing that Taylor Swift song. "Why you gotta be so mean?" It was playing in my head. I wanted to beat his face in. Why? I have no idea, because this is my favorite type of dark, anti-hero. I was really thinking that Courtney Lane was a god and she was sent here to finally make me see my twisted ways. That's what I was really thinking. Noah is going on my I-Love-That-Your-Sick shelf. But if I saw you on the street, I'd run for my life. That's after I asked for your autograph though.

"I’m going to rip apart the shell you put on for the world and make you who I want you to be. I’m going to remove the dents from your soul, put there by people who shouldn’t be in your life. I’m going to darken your soul so severely you’ll never know the definition of light again— like I promised you I would. Welcome to the first day of the start of your real rebirth.”

Keaton is the people pleaser, annoyingly so. But, she takes the kicks and keeps on going. And every new revelation is like popcorn to her. I wondered if maybe she has some darkness lurking in the depths of her soul... Or maybe she's bringing the light. I'm not sure yet. Don't ever expect to figure out Courtney Lane's direction. You can drive up and down the street but you won't find her house of motives. 

“The darkness hides the falsehoods about ourselves and helps us to reveal the truth." 

I can't say much more without messing up your reading experience. This is a complex, multifaceted story that will leave you shocked. Pay attention because she leaves clues all over the place, I almost went back and re-read the first book. I blame Courtney Lane for my drinking now. I was on the verge of a breakdown, I have no fingernails left, and she owes me ice-cream. I need something to soothe my dark heart.

Book One in the series
The Sect (Wicked Trinity, Book #1)

the sect
Keaton Mara ran away from a life that had become a nightmare to live on the streets. While the location she now calls home is a dangerous place, she is protected by an unlikely friendship.
The streets provided her with the education she could've never earned from the prestigious university she attended. Regrettably, the term 'educated fool' becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Due to meeting a man with whom she shares a captivating chemistry with, her judgment is clouded, resulting in a fateful decision.
The consequence of trusting the prepossessing stranger results in her being stolen away to a place unknown. Her deceptive new surroundings are just as beautiful as the people who reside there. She discovers that it's a place where the culture of sex without limits or morals is their religion.
Keaton quickly begins to realize that the beautiful scenery serves to hide a very dark truth. The seductive and enigmatic man--who lured her there--desires to save her soul. His intentions are sinister, because saving her soul is synonymous with breaking her.
Because Keaton believes her soul was brutally stolen from her many years ago, she thinks he can't save (or destroy) something she no longer has.

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Publication Date: December 11, 2014

About the Author
courtney lane

COURTNEY LANE has been creating her own little world since she was very young.
While many of her works touch several different genres, she has an archetype when it comes to the female protagonists in her stories — they have to have certain brand of strength, be deeply flawed, and harbor layered personalities. In her books you will find themes that reflect the darker side of life with a tremendous amount of depth and complexity. She also has an affinity for characters that aren't necessarily the girl or boy next door, or the people you'd encounter in everyday life. In other words, she prefers to explore characters who aren't easy to fall in love with.
Currently, Courtney can be found either working on her next book, playing the latest role-playing game on her X-Box (preferably a game by BioWare), or spending time with her family
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