October 22, 2015

Release Day Blitz & Review for The Starkest Truth by Courtney Lane

The Starkest Truth
(Breaking Insanity, #2)
by Courtney Lane

After her recent nuptials, Nikki Brenton is quickly thrust into a world she once avoided. Unable to adjust, her unhealthy addictions begin to tempt her and threaten to poison more than her sanity.

Nothing has ever been peaceful for Eric Brenton, and his life with Nikki is no exception. The past he suppressed has returned to wreak havoc on his life. He quickly discovers he can’t avoid his past, because it’s ready to attack him where he is most vulnerable.

When the truth is as subjective as reality, the line between trust and doubt is tested; for Nikki and Eric the line may come dangerously close to disintegrating.

Content contains violence, graphic sex, coarse language, and scenes that some readers may find objectionable. Reader discretion is advised.


ARC provided in exchange for an honest review. 4.5 - 5 Stars! Dear Reader: This work of fiction contains themes that some may find offensive. If you are not a fan of erotic, dark, twisted, and dimensional stories, this story may not appeal to you— it also deals with mental health issues, sadomasochism, abuse, murder, sexual assault, self-harm, and the like. Not a romance. If you're twisted, this is our kind of romance. A brilliantly written, dark, psychological thriller that will leave you begging for the next book!

"He had a way of pulling everyone into his darkness and making you think you enjoyed it there— preferred it there. He was, without a doubt, the most lethal man I’d ever met."

Courtney Lane is a force of pure twistedness!
I have to be honest, I didn't connect with these characters in the first book. It had been so long since I read, I couldn't tell you why. Maybe I evolved as a reader, who knows. I just know, I was shocked, enraged, and hooked to Eric & Nicki after I finished. None of it mattered, this book was a pull of sick, depraved, and pure insanity. I loved it. I'm fast becoming Courtney Lane's biggest fan. This one was no different. She writes a Anti-Hero like no one I've read. There's that "Jack In The Box" effect when it comes to her stories. You know it's coming, but it still catches you off guard. Eric is unpredictable, dark, and crazy. I didn't know if I wanted to kill him or marry him. I have a better understanding of the characters, or at least I think I do. It seems we've just scratched the surface. I have a feeling the plot will thicken in book three, and leave us gasping.

"There is nothing more enticing to a predator than wounded prey."

Courtney Lane weaves a web, catches you, and you wait to be bitten by the spider. You want to be bitten by the spider.

The Sordid Promise (A Breaking Insanity Novel Book 1)

COURTNEY LANE has been creating her own little world since she was very young. When she was eight years old,  she began to bring her worlds to life with a pen and paper.

Although she's had a few short hiatuses, writing has been her passion for a number of years. Until 2013, she'd always viewed her writing as a personal hobby and a purgative process: She never thought about sharing her very personal works with anyone outside of her friends and family. On October 8, 2013, she took the plunge into self-publishing and began making her works available to the public.  

While many of her works touch several different genres, she has an  archetype when it comes to the female protagonists in her stories — they have to have certain brand of strength, be deeply flawed, and harbor layered personalities. In her books you will find themes that reflect the darker side of life with a tremendous amount of depth and complexity. She also has an affinity for characters that aren't necessarily the girl or boy next door, or the people you'd encounter in everyday life. In other words, she prefers to explore characters who aren't easy to fall in love with.

Currently, Courtney can be found either working on her next book, playing the latest role-playing game on her X-Box (preferably a game by BioWare), or spending time with her family.

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