July 10, 2015

Blog Tour - The Emancipation of Love by Mary E Palmerin

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Author: Mary E. Palmerin
Genre: Dark Erotic Romance
Release Date: June 26, 2015

I am a monster. A sexual deviant. A gorger for pain. I am Worthless William Welch.

But I am hers…

Ten years since Welch has seen Gwendolyn he finds himself in Portland, the same city they were supposed to live together; just two bloody lovers against the ghastly ways of the world. But that isn’t how their story would pan out and Welch troubles himself everyday with memoirs of the only one that will have his heart.

His sweet, sweet girl. Fiery Gwendolyn is gone and he is alone with nothing to occupy him except memories.

As he tries to grasp onto the recollections while simultaneously forgetting the pain he was bathed in for so long, he searches for a woman that will give him the agony he so desperately craves. You know what they say… be careful what you wish for.

As Welch pushes an unlikely woman to the brink, he is surprised at her eagerness as she gives him what he longs for. Punishment, pain, and pleasure. He becomes enveloped by the demons of his past, the torment of his current, and the ghost in his mind that he refuses to part from.

Reverted back to the dysfunctional little boy who obeys, Welch finds himself in a disastrous cycle while the edge of goodness is within reach. Will it be too late for him to find love before he breaks himself down to a point of no return?

**Graphic content warning including sexual degradation, emotional abuse, adult situations, and unconventional sexual practices that are intended for mature audiences only. Not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen. Reader discretion is highly advised.***


Just as I contemplated taking a knife to my wrists, there are those that are doing that now. They throw themselves into the pits of darkness because wallowing in a sea of hatred has become too goddamn much for them. Victoria was one of them.
Suddenly, that lump in my throat is tightening and it is getting harder and harder to breathe. The sunrise of joy that I also craved to see as I put the disgust and danger behind me is almost as frightening as the final farewell to the constant pain. The glutton who wants discomfort will never alter what he needs. That is me. It is embedded in my body, every cell of my being. The masochism that I love to loathe clings onto me forever. I am a dangerous man and my life is destined for bad things. I feel it in my stomach as it clenches.

My mind travels through time again as I stare Victoria in the face. All I want is one last smile while the face of her ghost haunts me, making my heart shatter into a trillion shards that will never be put back together, no matter how well Gwendolyn tries. I can certainly attempt to make her think that I am a changed man. She does make me feel more normal than I will ever be, but I must face that I am a player in the game that I hated so much. The last days of Victoria Matthews were filled with rape, torture, brutal violence, and sadness as I sit before a fucking picture box doting over the memories that I kept track of. Inside I hold the last known picture of her and I want to show it off. For what?
Being the boy who could never say no to the ultimate puppet master himself.

Di's Review

5 'Always Us' Stars!

This fucking book.

A tragic tale of two souls desperately seeking peace. Peace from the evilness of the world, peace from their instability, peace from everyday monsters. This is an emotional journey you will never forget.

"Some things never change. Certain people are born into the world to perform, to be at the hands of the devils of the world. That is me and I have gotten the routine for my next act."

If you haven't read Gwendolyn VS The Band of Barren Hearts, go do that first. Hands down this is a favorite for me. This is a dark story, proceed with caution.

This is my second read through of this book. The amount of emotion that leaks from the pages is just as powerful as the first time. It's taken me a month to properly review, but I still can't put into words how powerful the pages are in this book. Welch and Gwen hold a deep spot in my heart. We meet two teenagers in the first book, trying to survive the evilness of their foster parents. Ten years later and it seems things don't change for Welch and Gwen, are they destined to fail? Can they find happiness within themselves? Two broken souls desperately seeking peace. With everything they've been through, can they ever be whole?

"Well, let me break off a piece of my madness for you and allow you feel unsafe for a little bit as I expose you to my instability."

Let me tell you, I was heartbroken for both characters. Just when I thought they were going to finally get some relief from the evil ways of the world, something would happen to shatter it all. I can't go into much more, but the ending. God, the ending. Was imperfectly perfect, I don't think it could've ended any different. A twisted HEA, if you will. I could go on and on about this book. Go read it.

Mary E Palmerin fanfuckingtastic writing, I felt every word. Thank you for letting me be a part of this journey.

Gwendolyn vs. the Band of Barren Hearts (Monster, #1)
Monsters. They don’t hide in your nightmares. They steal you away from the good life and prevent you from living your dreams.
That’s where 17-year-old Gwendolyn Fitzpatrick found herself; surrounded by wicked fiends after everything she thought she had was gone in the blink of an eye. She was shuffled away with one bag of memories miles away to a pair of foster parents that hardly had her best interests at hand. Forced to obey and listen to her caregiver’s commands, Gwendolyn buries her old self and focuses on the pain to become one of them.

A monster herself to seek vengeance.

While yearning for her teeming point to come, Gwendolyn starts to connect with another 17-year-old foster boy living with her who calls himself Welch. Just when Gwendolyn starts to feel faith splice its way through the venom of pain, the connection she has with Welch is put in jeopardy as the harshness gets worse with each passing day.

Will the two tattered spirits make it out alive?

About the Author

Mary E. Palmerin is 27 years old and resides in Indiana. She is married, has two small boys and usually has her nose in a good book when she isn't writing. She has been writing since she was a young girl, scribbling fairy tales down on notebook paper, creating poetry through her teen years, and many shorts in between, all of which she has kept. Mary enjoys telling tales that are both raw and real, seeing it as a gift to be able to evoke various emotions from her readers.
She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, anything outdoors, relaxing by the pool with a good piece of literature, red wine, coffee, tattoos, and HEA!


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