February 22, 2015

Blog Tour - Asylum by Lily White

Words are funny things.

Their meaning, the pictures they paint in the minds of those that hear them: they’re not always the same and to me at least, that makes them meaningless.

Take for instance the phrase ‘black widow’. Those words conjure the image of a spider, an eight-legged creature with the red imprint of an hourglass on its abdomen.

However, instead of speaking of an arachnid, of the resident of a spindly and dew-laden web, the people who whisper those words are talking about something much different.

They’re talking about me.

From what I’m told, I’m called the Black Widow because no man I’ve ever loved has survived.

Yet, I have no memory of any of it.

My new home leads me to the definition of another vague and meaningless word.

It’s a place where I’m supposed to seek refuge.

A place of retreat and security.

It’s a place where I’m supposed to be kept safe because I’m sick.

But the definition for this place is wrong and the word becomes meaningless when you’re tucked away and made silent by drugs and pretty white jackets.

My name is Alexandra Sutton and this is the story of what happened when I was imprisoned inside an Asylum.

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Julie's Review

5+ Crazy Stars

Ok... It took a few days but I think I can now form more than a few words at a time to express my feelings of this book.
My jaw was dropping to the floor within the first few pages.
jaw dropping photo: jaw dropping dropsjaw.gif

Alex is so broken and so confused that the days all blend together.
Not having any idea why she has been named the Black Widow she puts her trust into someone who claims can help her.
Dr. Hutchins....sigh

sexy doctor photo: Sexy tumblrmaet6wkhxl1qkrgz5_zpsd814ee49.gif

(If I ever go to a happy place someone please order me a Dr. Hutchins to care for me. Thanks in advance)
Any way back to what I was saying.
Dr. Hutchins claims he can help Alex.
Help to free her mind of the the hidden memories of the crimes she committed.
He thinks he has the skills and knowledge to help her.
With so few people for Alex to trust she immediately takes a liking to him. (So did I :) )

Along the journey of her trying to become cured of an illness that has haunted not only her but her brother Dain as well we meet some very.....interesting occupants of the Asylum.
The stories of why these woman are at Statham could only be made up by the Mistress of Mind fuc$ery herself Lily White.
I couldn't help but try to imagine what these woman have done and continue to do. And I couldn't do it. I just couldn't.

scared photo: Scared tumblr_lke3t0MH121qclt3z.gif

Dr. Hutchins and Alex take a journey to help what plagues Alex and her mind.

This book has so many unique elements to it that I had to read it twice just to let it all soak in and to make sure i wasn't missing anything.

When I finally think I have it figured out........Bamn

explosion photo: Explosion BOOM.jpg

Up in smoke my theories went.

I am a HUGE fan of Lily Whites.
But this book? Asylum?
This has officially made me want to stalk her and maybe take up residence in her mind for a few hours. (Any longer than that and i may never wanna leave)
This by far is My Favorite of Lilys!
Fantastic job Lily White aka Mistress of Mind Fuckery

Di's Review

6 Insane Stars! 
 Warning: If you haven't read a book by Lily White, then you need to read her warnings and take them serious. Not for the faint hearted. FANS OF HORROR FILMS ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS BOOK!

"From what I’m told, I’m called the Black Widow because no man I’ve ever loved has survived. Yet, I have no memory of any of it."

Lily White, I'm laughing insanely while writing this, you out did yourself! How you gonna top this? I'm laughing uncontrollably, rocking back and forth. Brilliant. Mind Fucked. Forbidden. Insane. I loved every crazy bit. 

  "My name is Alexandra Sutton and this is the story of what happened when I was imprisoned inside an Asylum." 

 Alex awakes in an The Statham Asylum, no recollection as why she's there. Well, she's been locked up longer then what she believes, left with fuzzy memories and crazy people all around her, literally, the staff at this so called nut farm may be just as insane as the patients. (I'm totally giggling right now, I'm really trying to write this review so you can understand it, trying is the key word, without spoilers.) Her brother is the only person she can trust, who's trying to solve the puzzle right along with the rest of us to free his sister and prove her innocence. How do men end up dead in her presence and she can't remember anything of the incidents? Right, I'm trying not to spoil anything. LOL New doctor arrives, can he be trusted, or is frecking crazy like the rest of them? Is Alex really crazy? I love a good mystery and Lily gave it to me from the start, hooked me. I like to touch the puzzle pieces, feel 'em, before I try to fit them together. 

  “We’re all crazy, Ms. Sutton. Some of us are simply crazier than others.” 

 The feel of the asylum is creepy enough but there's this presence of a hooded man within Alex's memories. This totally had me looking out my window kind of freaked out. I felt like someone was watching me, I started to feel a bit insane myself. I have to leave saying, that whatever you believe is the truth is not. I couldn't figure it out for the life of me. Lily White truly knocked this one out of the park with mystery, horror, and side characters that had me giggling like it was Christmas for the twisted. This has to be my favorite book so far by Lily White!

Lily White is a dark writer who likes to dabble on the taboo side of eroticism. Most of the time she can be found wandering around aimlessly while her mind is stuck in some twisted power play between two characters in her head. You may recognize her in public by the confused expression, random mumbling, and occasional giggle while thinking up a scene. Lily’s favorite things in life are reading, thinking about reading, buying books for reading….and writing. Her other secret pleasure is meeting with her plot editor in public to discuss her books and watching the shocked expressions of the people around her that don’t realize she’s talking about a book. When Lily is not reading, writing, wandering or freaking out innocent bystanders, she’s sleeping.

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