December 27, 2014

Review- Entwined, The Life of Anna, Part Two by Marissa Honeycutt

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5 Brutally Addictive Stars!

This by far is darkest book I've ever read. This is saying a lot. This author managed to knock all other dark book off their TWISTED pedestal. She may have even traumatized me. I think my kindle said it would take me 10 hours to read this book. I didn't stop reading until I finished. You know that feeling you get when you finish a book, you look around, everything is fuzzy, like you left your world and completely immersed in another? I'm still there. I'm on a dark twisted book high. I'm trying to wrap my head around this book, I really can't do the author justice, but I need to get my thoughts out. I'm thinking this author can't be new, but as far as I can tell this is her debut series. Motherfucking mind blowing. 

  "This book will likely offend you. This book might make you cry; it might make you throw up. It is a dark book."

Read the warning. Take the warning serious. Then read it again. You know sometimes when you read warning in the front pages of a so called "dark book," just to roll your eyes and laugh? This is not one of those times. This story holds no boundaries. Just be prepared.

  "Anna’s story is told in five, novel-length books. There is a subculture within our own world that you’ve only heard whispers of. The conspiracy theorists wish they knew Anna’s story. What the conspiracy theorists think they know is only disinformation, put out there to keep them from the real story."

OK, did you read the WARNING? Alright, let's continue. This review probably won't make any sense to you if you haven't read the first book. Make sure you read this series in order.

Anna has two masters. Devin, the man that has controlled her life since birth. Alex, who is connected to her on a deeper level, one I can't talk about without giving away spoilers. Since the death of her parents, Anna has been trained to become the submissive Mistress-Elder to Devin. Just when Devin thinks he will finally have full control over Anna in all ways, Alex steps in to save Anna, delaying Devin's plans. There are rules within "The Brotherhood," preventing Alex from destroying Devin and giving Anna the life she should have. But Devin aka evil Bastard doesn't play by the rules. This the first time in the history of dark books that I want the good guy to win. I don't even know how that's possible, but there has never been another Devin. Haha!

There are some things within the story that will bother you. The author had to stay true to the characters, and with that being said, I had to put away some of biggest pet peeves when it came to Anna. She's different, special, in other books I complain about the "golden vagina," I wanted it to bother me, and I guess it did a bit, but this was what Anna was. Every man will lust after her because she was born that way. Anyway, I had to let it go and focus on the story. Anna is completely brutalized in every way possible, yet she maintains her submission and naivety. Just when you think she might get some peace and happiness, it's ripped away, leaving you torn to pieces. I kept thinking, how much more can one girl go through? There's 5 books total in this series, I wondering if I can make it through, but I already know the answer, I couldn't stop if I tried. I'm anxiously awaiting the next book. Can Alex save Anna from the wrath of Devin? Will Anna finally learn the truth behind the devil's eyes and seek revenge for a life of pain and pure terror? I sure as fuck hope so.

 Please read the warnings. This book is for the darkest of readers, I would hate for you to read and rate it based on the disturbing scenes. Don't go into the dungeon unless you can handle the whips.

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