August 19, 2014

Twisted By Callie Hart

-Di's Review-


Blood and Roses, Book 5. Must be read in order!

I'm addicted, I absolutely love this series, I could be happy reading a new installment every month. Callie Hart has spun a web of utter insanity, her characters are beautifully flawed and I just can't get enough!!!! Stone's life is upside down, literally. How much is she willing to risk for Zeth? I'll tell you what, Zeth is anything but conventional in the love department, I mean, can he love? The very first chapter had me in pain for him, what's hiding behinds his walls? Sloane is practical, right? Everyone close to her is warning her to stay away from the deliciousness of this dangerous man. The heart wants what the heart wants. AND TO BE FAIR. I WANT ZETH TOO! OMG! Nothing gets my blood pumping like a tortured hero. *SWOONING* <<< I CAN NOT believe I just used that word. *Shrugs with a huge smile on my face*

The storyline/plot is brilliant, I mean there's so much going on, there's ABSOLUTELY no way you can get bored reading these books. The drug lords, motorcycle gangs, human trafficking, the D.E.A. and let's not mention the family ties that just now are coming to the surface. Questions were answered but more are now lingering in the back of my mind. And who can you trust, I'm not even sure the good guys are the good guys? Are the bad guys the bad guys? LET ME TELL YOU THE SIDE CHARACTERS IN THIS SERIES ARE JUST AS INTRIGUING!

One more book and we get all the answers we seek!!! I'll be honest, I'm going to be very sad saying goodbye to these dark & insane characters. I know there's some spin-offs in the works, I can't wait!!!

-Julie's Review-


This being number five I thought I would start to loose interest. Maybe get a little bored. Nope! NO WAY!

I was hooked from the first few pages.
To see Zeth and Sloane try to somewhat be a normal couple is hard to read. Again they can't catch a break. So many secrets are revealed in this book that the pieces are all falling together.

Ow and Rebel? Omg the secrets I want to know about him. I'm a bit obsessed with him now. Although I am very VERY curious to know more about his friend from the past. How does she play into all of this.

Reading this was like watching an action movie. Seriously.
There should be a picture of Bruce Willis on the cover.
My heart was ready to beat out of my chest with some of the scenes.
I was nervous, happy, and sometimes just freaking the eff out.
Poor Lacey too. That girl is so brainwashed. She needs to visit Pippa more. Maybe just live with her for constant therapy.
Anywho--I will now stalk the lovely Callie Hart for the next and final book in the series. I am really expecting one heck of an ending to this series.


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